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This weekend was just beautiful – Mitch, Dani Stroda & their 3  girls (from Nebraska, USA )  ministered in Dieppe and Eu. We enjoy their friendship and ministry a lot. They traveled through France and Switzerland for 7 weeks and we were their last stop.

The church and our family were really blessed – we’re now getting ready for another great weekend ahead with Pastor Don Loose  ( weekend #2 )!

Dani preached at the women’s meeting on Saturday  — she encouraged every woman to remember that the Kingdom of God is near.

Remember : Each Day Is A Brand New Opportunity To Be Jesus To The World

We pray that the joy  of the Lord will be your strength as you travel through the journey of life.




Hélène & Bryan


Hello fellow readers ,

Here’s a little illustration to sum up the last couple weeks … 🙂

Bryan was gone a lot lately – Needless to say that a little someone would have loved to join her daddy on the road ;-). Next time for sure as we are planning a tour in the South of France for the end of November.And this time, the trip will include Mommy and toddler !

So Bryan had the privilege to lead worship for the conference in Holland. It was a unique experience. 

He was also invited to lead worship during a weekend of celebration for the 15th anniversary of an American church in Brussels ( The Praise Center church in BXL ) .

Hélène stayed in Dieppe to take care of Elyana and also to work on different projects for the church.

Last week, our pioneer church in Eu hosted a concert with the Young Continentals from Holland. About 20 teenagers ( aged from 13 to 17 ) sung over 15 songs from various artists such as Toby Mac, Kutless, Barlow Girls etc …The church was full – with a number of visitors that came for the first time. Let’s now keep on praying that fruits will be visible.

That’s it for now – “Write you soon” as we have a big weekend coming up with a couple from the US.

In Him,


Bryan & Hélène




It’s been too long :-)

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We cannot believe that the last time we posted something here was in October 2010 !

SO here’s a long due update ….

Our lives were forever changed on December 8th, 2010 when Elyana Kate was born 🙂 We discovered how much there is to say about one tooth.We forgot what silence is. We learnt that taking a shower is a luxury.And we can now have the most wonderful conversation using only vowel sounds like “ahhh” and “oooo.” Ok, all jokes aside …:)

Bringing up our little baby girl is pure bliss. She is full of energy – always up to new discoveries and experiences. We love the way she looks at us – we enjoy every hug and kiss and every smile. We love going to church together as a family – and we truly pray that she will see the joy we take into church life. Our prayer is that she will be a Kingdom builder ! She has been a great help for Helene to connect with people outside the church. People are attracted to babies and it’s been a great venue to talk about God.

That being said, we have  been pastoring the Apostolic church in Dieppe for 4 years !  We can feel that there is a new exciting season ahead !We recently had a pastor and his wife from Australia who spoke at our church. And he gave us this following  prophetic word  : that we would be a place of influence – and that we will influence people of influence. What a promise !

We believe in the local church and we believe  it exists to touch the city. And we plan on doing so ! Looking at the agenda of the year 2011-2012 makes us smile : we’re on the move for great blessings ! We started “La Rentrée” as we call it in French by holding a “Back to school” prayer meeting. Sending off the kids  of the church with wonderful blessings and promises for their lives – praying for success and consecrated lives in this turbulent modern life.

We are working on building a team around us for the ministry in Dieppe but also in Eu ( our pioneer work) and we can see the promise of God in Psalm 23 : The Lord is my shepherd, I SHALL NOT WANT. For the last 3 years of our ministry in Dieppe, we had this desire of building up a team with whom we could share our heart and vision. We also had this desire to equip people to be examples of Christ and godly  families but also world changers. ALl of this is happening right now as God had sent people with a burden for the churches in Dieppe and Eu and with a desire to work with us. He is truly JEHOVAH JIREH – the God who sees and provides.

May you receive this promise as well. You shall not want …

The October/November/December calendar is looking busy. We’ll make sure not to forget to update our blog so you can take part of what’s going on in Dieppe and at The Ost’s !

In Him,



Yes, it’s started today and it’s exciting ! 🙂

The builder happy with his work 😉

Stay tuned for more pics !


On a personal note

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7 weeks  left – before we get to meet our sweet little daughter for the first time !!  Here’s a picture of  Helene’s belly at 33 weeks :

The due date is : December 14th, 2010 . We don’t know if baby girl Ost will decide to show up earlier – if so we better get ready haha !  We are so caught in the business of ministry that we haven’t had a chance YET to settle down and prepare her room etc …and when we finally find a day …France gets on strike ( you probably heard about that right ? …) and we run out of gas – oh well, let’s not panick 😉

 The strikes ( just outside our house )

Helene has had such a great pregnancy and in this we feel really blessed ! We’ve been able to travel a lot – went to the US this summer and did a road trip from Minnessota to Colorado Springs -driving through 6 different states —  it was such a special time to cherish as we came to realize that it was the “last”time we would travel – just the 2 of us !

In September, Hailey Anna – our niece ( #2 ) was born !  We made a quick trip to Paris to see the happy parents- Rachael and Michael –and meet our niece who’s darn cute !

Well, we’ll leave you on this happy note 🙂

Till next time,


Flashback: QUEBEC !!!

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We realize that we haven’t posted anything yet about our AMAZING trip to Quebec in June.

Feeling blessed, privileged, content, happy to have been able to share a week of ministry over there with each other and also with precious friends Marie-Jo & Luc who generously invited us and made us feel quite welcome !  

Be sure to check their website @t

We had a tremendous time of ministry and friendship.

So, what’s new ?

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We are back from Mulhouse !  “Bouge Ta Ville” ( ‘Soul Survivor’) as we call it in French  was great. You can click on each picture above and get a better view.

It’s always refreshing to get away and see what God is doing in other parts of our country. Bryan and his band led worship every morning and did 2 concerts .

We had the privilege to hear different speakers, amongst them , Pastor Bill Wilson.

As a child, Pastor Bill experienced the pain and hopelessness of abandonment. One day, as he walked down a street with his mother, they stopped to sit for a while. She instructed him to sit there and wait for her to return. He sat and waited for three days straight. She never returned. A Christian gentleman who had seen Bill stranded and alone stopped and picked him up. It was here that Bill’s relationship with God began.

Pastor Bill established Metro Ministries in 1980 in what was one of Brooklyn’s roughest neighborhoods, the Bushwick community, most commonly known for its history of gang violence, crime, drugs, and poverty.Here, violence is a way of life and a constant threat. Pastor Bill has been beaten, stabbed and shot in the face. Yet, he perseveres and refuses to leave the area or give up on the children growing up in such an environment. Because of that, his efforts have made a difference, not only in the lives of children but in the community as well. Every Saturday, Pastor Bill is there in the heart of the urban jungle in Brooklyn, driving the school bus to pick up boys and girls for Sunday School.You can check his website @t :

What was really neat is that everyone who attended the event ‘Bouge Ta Ville ‘had the opportunity to serve the community in the afternoon. About 170 young people blessed the city of Mulhouse for a week – cleaning up the city, ministering to kids in rough neighborhoods, visiting old people’s homes, giving free food ( huge BBQS for the city every night )  etc …

All in all, a good week ! Besides as you may have already seen on the snapshot , Rachael & Michael were THERE !! We were happy to spend time with our family and can’t believe that Baby Girl Pierre Louis is gonna show up soooon ! We can’t wait to be Aunt & Uncle again — 2nd time this year !

Life is so exciting !

Stay tuned for more juicy news 😉


Summer time is here !

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Taking a break at the beach today – the weather here has been so good .

As you may know, we’re getting ready to leave for a camp Bryan is going to lead worship every day and do a serie of concerts . Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. Mulhouse – here we come …!

Til next time,


This weekend…

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Family time on the beach of Dieppe

Watching Sunset

Exciting crew – girls from our youth group

Playing our favourite sport !

Jamming before BBQ & camp fire 

The weekend is over and today Monday- we are R-E-S-T-I-N-G 🙂

This week is looking quite busy  as we are getting ready to leave for Mulhouse ( a 5 day camp in the East of France where Bryan is going to lead worship every day and perform 2 concerts ). So, it’s time to get everything ready for the both of us – Hélène in her office and Bryan rehearsing in his office too ! 

 Church activities are subsiding. We already have projects in mind for September. We are excited about that ! We plan on bringing a couple changes and pray that they will take the church to another level.

Summer plans are looking goooood ! We will be doing a camp with kids in July. We also plan on taking time for ourselves – time to rest, and reflect on the past year. Time to hear from God, time to read. We will probably start planning Baby-O’s arrival 🙂 Redoing and decorating his/her room, buying baby stuff etc…oh , it is gonna be so much fun !


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4 months