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June 2010

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We just had 5 fantastic days with a bunch of 1st year students from the International Bible School in Denmark ( where Helene studied 2 years ).     You can check the school at :

They come from all over the world : Iran, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Israel and helped for 5 days with our 2 churches in Dieppe & Eu


April catch up

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Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry for the long delay !

We have been kept SO busy that we did not even take time to update our blog. Time’s up for some news at the ostchannel 🙂

First of all, we’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather here in Normandy – Summer is coming up !

 And as we were taking a walk yesterday with the family ( Rachael & Michael were with us for a couple days),  we once again realized that we live in such a beautiful region — we are definitely thankful for that  !

We don’t even know  how to start our update  !

Church activities have been quite intense these last couple months. Bryan had the privilege to be one of the speakers at our annual youth conference. It was awesome !! God’s presence was there and Bryan did a really good job -along with his brother in law, Nicolas who was the other speaker at the conference. Words can’t explain what Bryan experienced as he was preaching to these young people. Our prayer is that what they heard during this weekend will be life-changing .

The Worhip Band – including our brother in law Michael ( Rachael’s husband) on the far left as well ad Eric ( right in the middle – worship leader), our friend who just moved to Dieppe ( we’ll talk about that in a few seconds :-))

Hahah ! Here’s the 2 speakers making their remarkable entrance ! The theme this year was creativity. Nicolas & Bryan did a sketch – dressing up like geeks…so funny, you had to be there 😉

As we were saying, Eric and Coralie moved from Paris  to Dieppe in January. Their moving is quite a testimony of the faithfulness of God, wether it be for them or for us. Our prayer since we arrived in Dieppe ( almost 3 years ago — already ! ) was to have helpers for the ministry. Especially with the pioneer work that we started last October. Little did we know that God was going to answer our prayer by sending some truly good friends in Dieppe. Eric, Coralie and Ethan (their cute little boy – also our godson) are now part of our church ! We couldn’t be happier !

Here’s Ethan & Helene

Coralie & Eric

In February, Bryan had the privilege to baptize – along with his dad-  his little brother Michael– such a special time !

Women ministry in Dieppe is going pretty well. In March, Helene and the women of the church were in charge of the whole church service. It was a great success !

Here’s Helene explaining the vision that she received for the women ( Psalms 68:12)

Women’s group leading worship

To conclude, we want to share some pictures from various church events. Enjoy !

Cardboard testimonies – a powerful way of saying out loud what God is doing. About 15 people particpated

We went to Reims for ministry – helping & blessing a church and its youth group

Till next time !



As promised !

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Photos of Bryan’s acoustic tour ( Nov. 09 )

Saint Etienne ( Baptist Church )

PARIS ( Bryan’s dad church )

During the Sunday morning service we both shared about our two churches in Dieppe & Eu

Acoustic concert in the afternoon : with special guest ( Michael Ost ) Bryan’s younger brother, they sang a duet on the song ‘unity’


Bryan & Helene interviewed on Essentiel Radio ( )

Bryan : music interview with Samuel

Helene : women interview with Muriel


Concert at methodist church ‘Tabor’

Radio interview : Phare FM

THANN ( Alsace )

LYON ( Baptist church )

NEVERS ( apostolic church )

Here you have it : our tour in a few snapshots.

We want to thank all those who prayed for us during this tour. Thanks to the pastors, the organizers, the churches, the radios, the sound tech …Thanks also to our ‘guardian angels’ who watched over us and our little car during several mechanical problems 🙂

All in all, great memories and encounters !

We hope to do another tour very soon …

The best part of it is : the conversions and the lives touched !


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Here are some pics of ( my It is an online “facebook church” – in other words a church service that all people can follow with worship and preaching. They can invite their friends via facebook, many friends that need to hear The Gospel.

Bryan is a part of the group of worship leaders – in fact he is leading this week. The service airs at 2 – 5 – 8 – 11 am & 2 – 5 – 8.30 pm

November at the Ost’s

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November was a full month ! As you know Bryan was on tour – we promise to post pictures as soon as possible ( still waiting for people to send us some. Helene was not able to take a lot as she was busy helping Bryan during the concerts. )

We hope you will enjoy looking at the following  photos as they illustrate –in part– what happened here in Dieppe.

1. We had the privilege of  having Andreanne  with us for a concert. Andreanne is a talented artist from Canada. You can check out her website :

2.On the 26th of November, love was in the air in our church as a “young couple” ( at heart 😉 )celebrated their 60th anniversary !  So sweet !!

3. We had Thanksgiving with Kyria ( from Pennsylvania – she teaches English in Normandy )

Bryan Ost on tour

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We will be gone from the 9th to the 15th of November to the East of France for 7 concerts – one each night. Bryan will also be speaking at 2 youth events and will be doing a tv interview.

Please pray for  us :

  • our protection
  • the impact on the different churches
  • our health

Thank you 🙂


Baptismal service

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8 people baptised on October 25th, 2009. What a beautiful Sunday !

“We will praise Your name for You have accomplished wonderful things established since long ago, faithful and true” Isaiah 25

Children’s day

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Sunday morning was our first edition of “special Sunday service for kids”. Everything ( songs, testimonies, message) was directed in such a way that was receivable by a child. Those that led the service where all our wonderful Sunday school teachers ( all women !). The theme was ” children bible heroes”

After leading them in different songs they knew well, the children as well as adults listened to 3 stories : little Samuel who heard the voice of God, the little boy woth 5 breads and 2 fish and Naaman’s servant girl. 3 children also testified : Tim, Nathan and Capucine

Tim saying how God answered his prayers

Nathan esplaining how God protected his eye during an accident

Capucine telling how God helped her get good grades

The Sunday school teachers :

Florence &  Helene


Nadège & Michèle


Mission Weekend

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This weekend : visit from Pastor Tariq

Pastor Tariq and his wife studied in the same Bible school Helene was in ( at the same time ) 9 years ago. It was a joy to see him again and renew fellowship.

The Dieppe church also sent off  : Blaise, who leaves for India Wednesday.

Bryan, Blaise and Pastor Tariq

80 months of happiness !

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