On a personal note

Posted: October 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

7 weeks  left – before we get to meet our sweet little daughter for the first time !!  Here’s a picture of  Helene’s belly at 33 weeks :

The due date is : December 14th, 2010 . We don’t know if baby girl Ost will decide to show up earlier – if so we better get ready haha !  We are so caught in the business of ministry that we haven’t had a chance YET to settle down and prepare her room etc …and when we finally find a day …France gets on strike ( you probably heard about that right ? …) and we run out of gas – oh well, let’s not panick 😉

 The strikes ( just outside our house )

Helene has had such a great pregnancy and in this we feel really blessed ! We’ve been able to travel a lot – went to the US this summer and did a road trip from Minnessota to Colorado Springs -driving through 6 different states —  it was such a special time to cherish as we came to realize that it was the “last”time we would travel – just the 2 of us !

In September, Hailey Anna – our niece ( #2 ) was born !  We made a quick trip to Paris to see the happy parents- Rachael and Michael –and meet our niece who’s darn cute !

Well, we’ll leave you on this happy note 🙂

Till next time,



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