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Posted: July 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

We are back from Mulhouse !  “Bouge Ta Ville” ( ‘Soul Survivor’) as we call it in French  was great. You can click on each picture above and get a better view.

It’s always refreshing to get away and see what God is doing in other parts of our country. Bryan and his band led worship every morning and did 2 concerts .

We had the privilege to hear different speakers, amongst them , Pastor Bill Wilson.

As a child, Pastor Bill experienced the pain and hopelessness of abandonment. One day, as he walked down a street with his mother, they stopped to sit for a while. She instructed him to sit there and wait for her to return. He sat and waited for three days straight. She never returned. A Christian gentleman who had seen Bill stranded and alone stopped and picked him up. It was here that Bill’s relationship with God began.

Pastor Bill established Metro Ministries in 1980 in what was one of Brooklyn’s roughest neighborhoods, the Bushwick community, most commonly known for its history of gang violence, crime, drugs, and poverty.Here, violence is a way of life and a constant threat. Pastor Bill has been beaten, stabbed and shot in the face. Yet, he perseveres and refuses to leave the area or give up on the children growing up in such an environment. Because of that, his efforts have made a difference, not only in the lives of children but in the community as well. Every Saturday, Pastor Bill is there in the heart of the urban jungle in Brooklyn, driving the school bus to pick up boys and girls for Sunday School.You can check his website @t :

What was really neat is that everyone who attended the event ‘Bouge Ta Ville ‘had the opportunity to serve the community in the afternoon. About 170 young people blessed the city of Mulhouse for a week – cleaning up the city, ministering to kids in rough neighborhoods, visiting old people’s homes, giving free food ( huge BBQS for the city every night )  etc …

All in all, a good week ! Besides as you may have already seen on the snapshot , Rachael & Michael were THERE !! We were happy to spend time with our family and can’t believe that Baby Girl Pierre Louis is gonna show up soooon ! We can’t wait to be Aunt & Uncle again — 2nd time this year !

Life is so exciting !

Stay tuned for more juicy news 😉



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